FLAPJACK Digital 25 – Leonardus – Golden Girl EP


Flapjack Records
 is golden browned to present:
“Golden Girl EP”

A. Between The Sheets
B. Golden Girl
C. The Big Throwdown
D. Calling The Shots

Daytime TV wouldn’t be complete without your favorite cooking show.  Flapjack just so happens to sponsor a fabulous edition of daytime munchfunk with new jack Leondardus. Famed for his heavy whipped productions full of fat and flavor, his new edition the “Golden Girl EP”, leaves you nothing short of satisfied.On the first segment of this cooking lesson, Leonardus shows us how to cook the funk chicken with the slam jamming beat melee of “Between The Sheets“.  Filters, rhodes licks, and heavy bass make a solid foundation for this mouth watering creation set center stage on the counter of jack.  After one listen you will wander in to your own beat kitchen wondering if you can whip something so flavorful together.

The next segment is the namesake of the presentation called “Golden Girl”.  This tune bring you back to the time when silly old women were looked at as heroes of the nightlife and dating scene.  This tune is so spot on with its horn stab groove that even gave Bea Arthur a boner.

Moving on we arrive at “The Big Throwdown”, which grabs every sweet and savory ingredient and throws it together to form a thick wall of sample based sound.  The horns samples are mind altering and make the driest mouths salivate after a go.  Combine this with any household jam and you will find yourself in a tango with tastefulness.

To finish off the show, Leonardus brings us round about to his loopy roots with “Calling The Shots”.  If you like a loop that flows like a neverending slurpy down the gullet of happiness, then this will quench your dance floor thirst.  Play this with extreme heat and you will surely get a fine reaction.  The studio audience happily applauds the “Golden Girl EP” from Leonardus as the credits role on this fine Flapjack release.  Be sure to tune in and grab it next time.

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