Uriah West

Flapjack Digital 028 – We Don’t Sleep EP – Uriah West & Rescue


Flapjack Records has brewed and skewed:
Rescue & Uriah West
“We Don’t Sleep EP”

  1.        Up All Night
  2.       Gotta Do Right
  3.       Turn Me On

Flapjack Records welcomes back our old friend Uriah West to the organization, but this time he brought his comrade Rescue along with him. These two Denver, CO short order entrepreneurs have been rocking all night shifts for decades now in the roadside diner of danceable delights.  All the way up here in Chicago, Rescue & Uriah West team up to serve you their “We Don’t Sleep EP” with two creams and a lot of sugar.

Sometimes you feel like a trucker, sometimes you don’t.  When I do, I love to drive up to a dirty old roadside diner and order up a greasy delicious belly buster of a meal.  “Up All Night” is a fine name for such an establishment that you can count on to serve up not only flapjacks, but all manner of greasy delights that let the beats move right through you like a musical laxative.  This is the kind of joint you will find dudes like Rescue & Uriah West working.

Now you “Gotta Do Right” by loosening your belt a notch or just wearing pants with an elastic waistband to these establishments.  The beats are cheap, but come piled thick…and don’t you go worryin ’bout service neither. If Rescue ain’t around he’s probably in the shitter, but Uriah West will be by your tables in a jiff to make sure you have plenty of funk piled high on your groove plate.

If you are really feeling it, then the only thing that is going to be screaming“Turn Me On” is the faucet in the bathroom, cuz you best wash all that mess off your face.  Rescue & Uriah West wouldn’t want you going back out into public looking like your face got painted like an infant in a high chair. These boys will take care of you real good,  make sure you is well fed, and at least one strap is up on your overalls.  You can stop on by the greasy spoon anytime and see em as the “We Don’t Sleep EP” is kind of built out of their motto.  Who else is willing to serve steak ‘n’ eggs, flapjacks, burgers, and beats at any hour day or night?