KJ Sawka

KJ Sawka – Run & Hide


The second official single of 2012 from Pendulum drummer and exemplary solo producer KJ Sawka, “Run and Hide” highlights the spectacular vocal performance of LaMeduza and combines it with KJ’s characteristically variable rhythms and phenomenally dynamic drum orchestration. His excellent skill as an EDM drummer plays a massive role in his spectacular beat-construction, and his considerable exposure to to some of the most highly-lauded music in the industry has certainly left a powerful mark. You can’t run, you can’t hide, and there is absolutely no escape from utterly captivating sonic strokes of KJ SAWKA.

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KJ Sawka – Repeating Cycles



Gaining notoriety as the drummer for Pendulum, KJ Sawka is one of the industries premier electronic music rummers, in addition to being a consummate producer with his own musical vision and project. Mixing his talents to construct powerfully moving, mystical bass music with absolutely incredible percussion, KJ pushes the envelope with every track he creates, constantly challenging boundaries and pushing his own abilities to the very limit. This is exactly what he does in “Repeating Cycles”, featuring the gorgeous vocals of LaMeduza, a beautiful vocal dubstep banger with fast-paced, technical drums and a deep, moving progression.