The Sound Diggers

Flapjack 016 – The Sound Diggers – Don’t Flap, Just Jack EP



Flapjack Records is fat and sweaty after:

The Sound Diggers

“Don’t Flap Just Jack”

A1. Drop Da Funk
A2. Bump Funk

B1. Bearnejackity
B2. Floor Swinger

Returning to the kitchen after an over extended jaunt in the bathroom, The Sound Diggers grant us with another slap happy handful of flavor with their new piece entitled “Don’t Flap Just Jack” .  Here at Flapjack we do encourage everyone to wash their hands before returning from the bathroom to the decks.  With the nasty low down n dirty grooves that are all over this EP, I am not so sure The Sound Diggers washed up very well, or at all.  As we say in the business, when you get dirt in your salad, eh, it’s just a lil’ flava.


If you really like a good crisp salad that isn’t too many calories but tastes ok, then get a side salad from a funeral luncheon, cuz “Drop Da Funk” is so fattening that you can’t even use a salad spinner to dry the leaves that go in it.  The wopping 10,000 calories of baddass is deep funky jazzy jack house ballz.  Just put it in your mouth and mumble in enjoyment.  This has Midlands, UK flavor all over it.


“Bump Funk” is the dressing with a blessing.  That signature Sound Diggers bounce is all over this tossed up goodness.  Spread this tune all over your set and watch as flavor just pours from the speakers.  Slap bass hit, vocal stabs, and rhodes ruggedness seeps all over your groove with this tune.  This also goes great on burgers and steaks if you are feeling saucy.


On my salad I always like a few pepperoncini peppers.  They always add a bit of crisp bite and heat just like “Bearnejackity”.  It puts the swing in your salad that’s for sure.  It is definitely the bear necessity of every salad in my opinion.  If you don’t think so, that’s cool, it’s your opinion, and go fuck yourself cuz I’m writing this shit and it’s a pain in the ass coming up with new food music relationships.  Anyway, swing house, salad, “Bearnejackity”, it’s a dope track.


Let us not forget about the crusty croutons on the top which make every salad worth breaking your jaw over.  “Floor Swinger” adds that toughness crunchiness to every set just like croutons on a salad.  Wicked sax, bouncing beats and bass add the up funk n crunchiness that round out a perfect salad bar banger.  Make sure you load up on all the fixins here on the “Don’t Flap Just Jack” EP cuz once The Sound Diggers salad bar opens, this shit is going to fly right off the serving plates and all over the dance hall.

This 12″ vinyl release is available now at the following locations:
Downtown 304 | Juno | Gramaphone