Corduroy Mavericks

Flap022 – The Boogie Snacks EP – Corduroy Mavericks – Flapjack Records


Flapjack Records is joystick jackin with:

Corduroy Mavericks – “Boogie Snacks EP”

A1. Reprezent

A2. Stay

B1. Video Games

B2. Get Up & Dance

Flapjack Records is very pleased with the return of bourbon country’s finest brewmeisters the Corduroy Mavericks.  When asked about their music, they only had this to say. “We like our music like we like our coffee: hot and full of whiskey.”  This time around they have expanded their repertoire from not only high octane brown booze, but have ventured into the realm of snack making with their “Boogie Snacks EP”.

With their first attempt at full flavor face stuffing madness, they developed a spicy little number called “Reprezent”.  Strangely enough, no one is sure what it represents other than a booty shaking nastiness, and leaves you with a nasty case of the shakes yourself.  It may be a result of all the added MSG.

“Stay” is the kind of snack that all men are looking for.  Just as the name suggests it gives you the extra long lasting “staying” power that some lack after years of partying and house music abuse.  If you don’t want to lead a lonely life, then munch down on these snack and enjoy staying with a nice lady friend.

Their third attempt has achieved massively “high” ratings on the snackitude chart.  “Video Games” is the perfect compliment for those one hand on the controller, one hand in the feed bag nights, afternoons, early morning, or all of the above.  Those who fancy not leaving the “house” while absorbed in a gaming orgy can certainly more than sustain life digging on some “Video Games” .

The last snack in the pack speaks of times when people actually got that feeling that made them get up and move around in odd gyrating patterns.  “Get Up & Dance” has this same strange influence on people.  Similar in composition to the popular bad breath wreaking morsels called Combos, the hard outer shell packs a nice crack while the smooth n salty innards really make your ass do some strange shit in and out of the dance floor and bathroom.  So if you are feeling hungry for some of that flavor that your sets may be lacking, fill up your bag with the “Boogie Snacks EP” by Corduroy Mavericks.  It could be the next best thing since Tim Tams & Tang.

Flapjack 012 – Hot Off The Griddle EP


FLAP012: Corduroy Mavericks – “Hot Off The Griddle”

Have you ever been to Kentucky? Well neither has Flapjack Records, until now that is…I am proud to present bourbon country’s finest brewmeisters the Corduroy Mavericks. These fine corn fed gentlemen got up quite early but stayed up genuinely late to bring us their new creation, a case of assorted bottles entitled “Hot Off The Griddle EP”.

In this box of which I hope lands in your box so to speak is a fine specimen known as “Good Thang”. Tingly rich on the tongue with its chunky beats, it goes down smooth over its deep groove and unmistakably recognizable vocal a la De La Soul and Chaka Khan. Don’t be fooled by imposter brands, as nothing rocks the floor quite like a sip of this “Good Thang”.

The “Break A Dawn” bottle is deep amber color and slightly smoky, oaky taste is a classic among the Flapjack Records repertoire and re-mastered to premium quality for the “Hot Off The Griddle EP”. Nothing better than reviving a classic Corduroy Maverick jam and getting drunk with an old friend. This tune is well complimented by a fine cigar.

“Lean Cuisine” is a fine bottle made of at least 51% grain mash, but remains 100% a smooth dance floor jam. With hints of rich mahogany, smooth saxophone, and a walking bass line, this smooth Kentucky jazz joint kicks up the dust in the dance hall. Reminiscent of the smoother tastes of the Midland UK house grooves, this tune satisfies a worldly thirst with its stateside bottling.

The last bottle is a pungent but satisfying “Open Your Eyes” which features C-Roc’s spicy saxophone swirls. There is a little bit of a Latin flavor happening in this bottle of business which is a bit far-fetched for Kentucky bourbon, but you’ve got to take things to a different level when you are knee deep in a brew vat, have to piss like a race horse, and you can’t get your rubber pants off. Don’t let that deter you from the tracks unique flavor and the overall dance floor appeal of the “Hot Off The Griddle EP” brought to you by Kentucky’s finest, the Corduroy Mavericks.