Kid Vibe




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Kid Vibe

“The Mau5 That Jack Killed”

A.   Notorious Child

B.  Notorious Child (Ghetto Bump Mix)

C.   Bring The Bump

D.  Mo Mo Wet


Flapjack Records has a problem.  When you have a problem like this in your kitchen, you need to call the right guy for the job.  So returning to the roster, not to create, but to kill, is our crushing companion from Vancouver, Kid Vibe.  He shows up just as the Board of Health has left the building closed until further notice due to a growing rodent problem.  Considering the circumstances, it is in our best hopes that “The Mau5 That Jack Killed” will devastate the current population and render the quarantined area a place where delicious booty shakin’ breakfast beats can be concocted once again.

The first step in this kind of situation is to cover the entire perimeter with some “Notorious Child”.  I heard the military used to use this to melt and clear dense jungle during warfare, but due to overwhelmingly horrible side effects in humans, it is now used strictly for rodent removal and in the manufacturing of the street drugs known as bath salts oddly enough.  One spray of this and you will be jackin’ like a zombie naked in Florida.

The next step is to sprinkle some “Notorious Child (Ghetto Bump Mix)” about the place.  If the first step doesn’t take them pesky fur burgers out, then a coating of this will get explosive all up in their junk.  In the past this substance was originally used as a table salt substitute until people started rising from the dead and eating peoples fucking faces off.  This is some serious salami here, and should hopefully take care of those little shits.

“Bring The Bump” should only be used as a last ditch effort.  According to the box, this actually has the same ingredients as most over the counter cough medicine.  I heard that it was originally and accidentally discovered in a motel room a guy cooking meth and a hooker.  It turns out the hooker farted which scared the cook into spilling a little red bull into his beaker causing a chemical reaction so intense that both of their clothes were immediately burned off and they started eating each others’ faces.

So when everything is said and done, and the problems seems to be solved, as a future precautionary measure it is good to leave behind some “Mo Mo Wet” to eliminate any stragglers.  This tune is like a super catchy glue trap, but if you sniff it or eat it, you will most likely have the urge to rip all your clothes off and eat peoples’ faces off.  So just a word to the wise….if you want to clean up on the dance floor, “The Mau5 That Jack Killed” is the product for you.  Just be sure to follow the directions on the box or you will end up starting an unintentional zombie apocalypse.

Flapjack Digital 20 – Kid Vibe – Van-City Syrup EP


Flapjack Records tapped and drained:
Kid Vibe
“Van-City Syrup EP”

A. Gangsta
B. Teddy
C. Hit That Switch
D. Falling In

The digital side of Flapjack Records is celebrating its 20th release! To kick off the celebration we have a super sticky and sweet release from Vancouver’s emerging maple syrup conglomerate king, Kid Vibe. If you look on almost every bottle of decent maple syrup that is sold in the United States, you will find that it mostly comes from Canada, and most likely from Kid Vibe’s tap. Well now Flapjack has bottled up a big tasty bucket of Kid Vibe‘s sticky syrup and digitized it nicely for all your earholes in the new “Van-City Syrup EP”.

The EP opens up with a Grade A light maple mop up called “Gangsta”. This sticky jam is a flavorful throw back to mid nineties RnB giants Bell Biv Devoe. If you pour this cut all over a tasty dance floor you are in for a real treat. Just watch as the beats just stick to the sweet bodies and dollup up the groove. This is a cut for mid morning hangover waffles and Flapjacks made with chocolate chips.

The bottle of beats is another mid nineties RnB throwback called “Teddy”. A mid grade syrup made from finely aged maples from the outskirts of Vancouver. The beats are so thick in this jam, that by the time you hit the RnB break down, you’ll probably have that sweet sticky skeet all up in your weave.

“Hit That Switch” is a nice and dark Grade B maple mop stopper. Just like the finest Grade B, this syrup is chock full of funk flavor. The beats, bass, and Eazy- E vox are just what a crowd needs to wake up on the dance floor.

To finish off breakfast is another nice dark n thick syrup straight from the depths of the Canadian maple reserve. “Falling In” is a little deeper in color than the other varieties, but strong with beats and full maple flavor this cut pours nicely all over your Flapjacks. Who would have known something so sweet was hiding inside the maple trees of Canada. Get a sweet taste of this hidden gem on Kid Vibe – “Van-City Syrup EP”.

This release is available for digital download right now exclusively at: