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FLAP014 – HELLO NIGHTLIFE EP – Mark & Stevens – Flapjack Records




Flapjack Records is lit lick:
Mark & Stevens
“Hello Nightlife EP”

A1. Prom Night
A2. Cold Blood & Smooth
B1. I Want Your Number
B2. CymbalawsFlapjack Records break through chefs Mark & Stevens are back with their follow up vinyl release to their debut “Discopetry”, which was released in 2010. This new EP “Hello Nightlife” is an amazing topper to an already delicious and delectable cake. I can’t say enough about how sugery sweet each and every facet of this EP is beginning with the stunning design down to every last lickery boom tiss of the beats. I lick my lips just thinking about playing any one of these cuts. 

The first slice of this cake is called “Prom Night”. If you like the Chicago jack sound, then this is a tune you will just eat right up and be heading back for fourths. Its got some funky key samples that are the sprinkles on any jamming set.

“Cold Blood & Smooth” has a really great summery taste to it. It’s like a refreshing orange cake and cream soda under the cool shade of an oak tree….well that and some killer beats, bass, and groovy guitar licks. Also, there aren’t any owls shitting on your head.

The third slice “I Want Your Number”, tastes like your most favorite birthday cake you had when you were a kid. This slice really takes you back to the eighties with its upbeat guitar rhythms and undeniably catchy vocal. It’s like the best butter cream frosting for your earholes.

The last piece of cake, “Cymbalaws”, reminds me of a molten dark chocolate cake. The beautifully deep guitar textures take you into a dark and romantic desert bar in which you find yourself fist deep in a pile of chocolate cake. You try to impress passersby, but are shot down because of the mess all over your face. This track is just too tasty not to dive into, not unlike this entire EP. “Hello Nightlife”is a proof that no matter how fit you think you are, you just can’t stay away from irresistibly sugery sweet beats.

This 12″ Vinyl release is out now at the following locations:
Downtown 304GramaphoneJuno