Month: May 2011

FLAPJACK Digital 23 – Camouflage – Chew the Groove EP


Flapjack Records has battered and crumbled:



“Chew The Groove EP”

A.  Down

B. Down (That Peruvian Boy Remix)

C.  Unite

D.  Nothing To Lose

Order up!  Best get this hot plate of short order Flapjack Digital yumminess down the gullets of some very impatient truckers on their way through the sunshine state of Florida.  That happens to be where our short order cook specialist Camouflage hides out in dirty diners that only dish out the most delicious and greasy beats.  Stop in to one of these roadside delights and peep the new “Chew The Groove EP”.

The first spit on the griddle is as smooth as the grease it’s cooked in.  “Down” is a deep chord and bass driven plate that will rumble the guts of even the heartiest of dance floors.  It’s smooth beats work so nicely with some serious sub bass that is so hot that it can fry an egg inside your fridge.

To compliment this blue plate special is the Glasgow twist “Down (That Peruvian Boy Remix)”.   That Peruvian Boy stops by to put his spin on this short order aural explosiveness.  Take a handful of Hodges style beats, sautee it with some fresh Todd Edwards sample based grooves, and you have this production masters recipe for a dance floor feast.  Nothing short of amazing on the taste buds as well as the ear buds.

Warm your spirits with a huge house anthem swill of this freshly squeezed “Unite”.  Just as the title says, this bit o’ honey will unite everyone on dance floor or in the bathroom.  Either way there is going to be some downright nastiness going on.  Be sure to wash your hands after every use.

“Nothing To Lose” is what you will have when you grab up a face full of this cut.  It might hurt going in a bit, but it won’t hurt coming out if you know what I mean….especially coming out of a huge sound system in front of a packed dance floor.  There is some tasty bass in this tune that will fill hearts and bellies of all who get a taste.  So next time you are on the road, stop by this roadside stand of short order excellence and grab a copy of FLAPD23: Camouflage – “Chew The Groove EP”.


FLAPD22: Flapjack Records Presents – “Brunch” OUT NOW DIGITALLY!!!


Flapjack Records has waffled and ironed:

Flapjack Records Presents

A. Jackin’ Box – The Grill
B. Wattie Green – Shut Yo Mouf
C. Will Jax – Something I Need
D. Damian Definite – Back Door Beauty

Nothing like sleeping late but getting up just in time stuff your earhole with a combination of the best breakfast beats and beefy lunch delights. Flapjack Records would like to take a release to commemorate such an amazing celebration of food and music with a tasty compilation appropriately titled FLAPD22: Flapjack Records Presents: “Brunch”. So dig in!

The early bird gets the worm on this EP, and that worm is more like a spastic couple of Brits called Jackin’ Box. The Flapjack veterans make their return by waving automatic guns at nuns with their peak time hip hop infused house jam “The Grill”. On the dance floor this tune has the same effect as waking up, slamming a Mountain Dew and then enjoying a whole pot of tea rectally. Set it off with a side of crumpets and you will be rocking just dandily.

Wipe that drool off your face, sand from your eyes, and open wide for a huge milky spoonful of what soul champ Wattie Green is tossing up. “Shut Yo Mouf” is a swing jazzy bouncer that is seasoned to perfection with Wattie Green‘s impeccable production style. Stylish and sly piano rubbed with tantalizing filters and a vocal that’ll make you shovel it down your gullet, then shut your mouth and boogie.

A newcomer to the Flapjack kitchen is the Australian outback steakhouse sultan Will Jax. Will has been making n shaking in other kut kitchens but we don’t care much about that cuz no one’s oven gets cookin’ quite like the Flapjack furnace of funk. Will Jax brings us a fine dish called “Something I Need”, which is smooth soul funk jam just dripping with piano solo sauce. This dish is always hot on any dance floor.

The final bit of brunchness comes from another new hand in the Flapjack kitchen, Damian Definite. This guys is big on new kitchen technology and stainless steel cutlery. His techy but funky production “Back Door Beauty” fits perfectly on the Flapjack menu. The tune may be paying homage to his many lengthy smoke breaks out back or just another creative name for his taking out the trash duties. Either way, this tune delivers to hungry dance floors every time. So again, don’t worry about sleeping late as we party people tend to do, cut when you wake up, FLAPD22: Flapjack Records Presents – “Brunch” will be waiting to fill you up.

This digital release is available now at the following locations:
Stompy | Jack Shack